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C ompliance with applicable environmental legistlation and other requirements

L earning of & reducing the adverse environmental impacts of our business

E ducate, train, & motivate employees to be environmentally responsible

A ir, land, & water pollution prevention

N atural resource use reduction.

Accordingly we have (and encourage our suppliers to have) various environmental inititiatives in place, including:

Energy Efficiency - We have replaced all regular incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents, which use less energy. We have a preference for products and services with less impact on the environment and society, i.e. all new electronics must carry the "energy star" Label. We turn off electrical equipment when not in use, have office heat and outside lighting on timers, and encourage energy audits.

Reduce Transportation Impacts - We employ a full-time mechanic to do maintenance at regular intervals to get the most effective gas mileage. (i.e. proper inflation of tires, overfilling of gas tanks). We combine deliveries to save fuel. We purchase from local Michigan farms whenever possible. (See our local produce initiative)

Waste Minimization - We encourage e-mails instead of faxes, encourage on-line Ordering, use both sides of paper for copies, use electronic statements, and try to eliminate junk mail. We encourage our shippers to reuse packaging cartons. In addition we recycle toner cartridges, ink cartridges, plastic non-returnable beverage containers, and cardboard.

Health & Safety Managements Systems - We maintain a smoke-free facility. We have effective use of air pollution control equipment in all of our trucks. All used oil is taken to an oil collection facility and non-hazardous parts washer Systems are used for parts cleaning. We have a TACCP program in place.

Community Investment & Involvement - Coastal Produce is part of the Michigan Brownfield Initiative and is part of the May, 2008 Michigan national tour. We have planted trees to aid in carbon sequestration and aid in rainwater run off. Coastal Produce has also been recognized for its efforts in maintaining its business and property by receiving a 2003 Special Tribute and 2004 Beautification Award from the Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision.

Local Produce Initiative

Coastal Produce purchases from local farms and cooperatives for all varieties of fruits and vegetables as they become available. Local product is noted as such on both our on-line order guide and invoices. We also purchase regionally grown product in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint created by trucking produce across country. Fresh is truly best and at Coastal not only do you know your produce is grown locally but you also know the farm it came from.

In addition, Coastal Produce has a Diversity program in place, encourages work-life balance, focuses on environmental product improvements and encourages our suppliers to do the same.


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