Coastal Produce Distributors - Distributor of the Finest Fruits and Vegetables

Coastal Produce Distributors delivers the finest fruits, vegetables, dairy, frozen foods, spices, and processed foods throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio. We operate a new 20,000 sq. ft. refrigerated facility located one block from the Detroit Produce Terminal. Our new cold storage building has the most efficient coolers, freezer, and equipment available. This makes Coastal one of the most innovative, state of the art food distribution companies in Detroit , Michigan.

We continue to grow our business based on quality, service, integrity, fair pricing, and food safety. Our goal at Coastal Produce Distributors, is to make you look good by providing a product that is exceptional in touch, taste, and smell. We are a HACCP compliant company, are inspected annually by the state of Michigan, and hold a superior rating with Primus Labs.

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