Local Produce Initiative

It’s always prime time for locally grown fruits and vegetables at Coastal Produce. Did you know that according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, the state’s agri-food business is a $71.3 billion industry annually and the state’s second-largest economic driver, employing more than a million Michiganders.

Michigan produces more than 200 commodities on a commercial basis, making it second only to California in agricultural diversity. When you buy local you are receiving the freshest possible produce picked just hours before delivery to your kitchen.

When in season we purchase from over one hundred farms and orchards from Grand Rapids to Traverse City. To help educate on the many benefits of buying local we provide weekly local market updates and availability, as well as provide information and video farms tours of our producers via e-mail or website. We also hold “Meet the Farmer” events. Our relationship with local processors also means that when in season, Coastal Produce is able to provide local produce processed by a Michigan company.

Because of the short growing season we also offer frozen locally grown fruits and vegetables packed by Michigan companies. By utilizing Coastal Produce as your supplier, you are guaranteed fresh, wholesome produce grown close to home.

Michigan Produce Availability Calendar